Hamster Life
Hamster Life

Hamster Life

9 million downloads! This is a super healing free app game「Hamster Life」

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you can raise your hamster easily and happily.
「Hamster Life」is a free game app which can play with hamster and through with healing life.
You can give food to it, touch its cute face. If hamster is full of foods it even take food home,
there ara many of cute behavior you can see.

Not only touch or give food to it,even if put the hamster to the wheels.
Thera are hundreds of way to take care your hamster.
Let's take care it everyday and found many kinds of look about it.

*Now Start the game by dragging the hamster to the wheel!
*You can save coins if you let hamster to play the facilities.

■How to play・How to raise the hamster

*The way to take care hamster
・You could give food to it or touch it cute face.
・Press the hamster longly and you could move the hamster.You also can change your furniture or decoration.
・Double click screen, hamster will come to you!

*How to save the coins
・If you touch hamster or give it food many times,EXP could be accumulated.
・If Hamsters are full of food,they will take foods back to house!
・If Hamster come near to water feeder,will start to drink water cutely!
・Use coin to add the mount of hamster, also can accumulate EXP easily.
・Thera still have other way to save coins, let's find it out!

*The way to get cheeses
Just take care you hamster,there will give coins when you level up.
And take the hamster to walk around, there also will give you coin when you level up.

*How to add new hamster
Please click the hamster which on the top of screen.Then you can exchage or add new hamster.
If you want to promote the stage level, you also can exchange by cheese.

*How to change the decoration of house
・You can save coins and exchange furniture by coins in shop.
・After you bought new furniture or decoration, you can decorate it directly.

*About take a walk
It is very easy to play, just array three blocks with the same color vertically or Horizonally.
Then you could get coin or cheese or hamsters.

*About event
According to your level, official side prepares many kinds of event.
Let's get the gorgeous reward and take card our hamster!!

*About start page
After you finish tutorial, you can choose home or walk mode.
You can pass you life with hamster and free to decorate the house .

*If you cannot open the app, please restart your device and close application first.
*When you send mail to us, please let us know which device you are using and your mail address.
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5 148,594
4 33,914
3 17,849
2 5,290
1 16,138

Additional Information

  • 4.6.2
  • Android 4.1+
  • Everyone
  • 10,000,000+