Kmh Counter (Speedometer)
Kmh Counter (Speedometer)

Kmh Counter (Speedometer)

Speed / Trip Counter - Speedometer for car, walk, run or bicycle

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Simply shows the current speed and counts total kilometers during the trip.

Show max and average trip speed.
Save trip history after closing app (or pressing reset trip).
Export trips history spreadsheet to Google Drive/WhatsApp/Gmail and more.
Show total trip time.
Pause/resume trip.

* A very accurate speedometer *

* Keeps counting kilometers and time on background while listening for music or using other apps *

* Simply view trips history later and share it as an Excel file*
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4,310 total
5 2,678
4 402
3 281
2 120
1 825

Changelog / What's New

Show trip information on background
Minor bug fixes
Performance improvements
Added extra features
Visual and UI improvements
Updated privacy policy
Adding localisations for 5 more languages

Additional Information

  • 13.18
  • Android 4.4+
  • Everyone
  • 1,000,000+