Scrabble® GO - New Word Game
Scrabble® GO - New Word Game

Scrabble® GO - New Word Game

The Original Word Game is All New and With More Ways to Play with Friends!

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Welcome to Scrabble GO, the free new and updated version of the classic word game!
⭐The King of all word games: play Scrabble GO - your winning Scrabble word awaits!⭐

Classic Scrabble Game with New Word Game Features
Official scrabble board ➤ Custom word tiles ➤ Scrabble dictionary ➤ Authentic crossword game experience

Play with Friends and Family
Easily find new Scrabble friends ➤ Challenge your friends ➤ Use our fun and easy-to-use chat emojis & phrases to chat with friends & family

New Word Games - Move beyond the traditional scrabble board with 4 fast-paced competitive game modes!
1. <u>Duels</u> - Fast-Paced, head-to-head Scrabble game! Play 5 turns against players of similar skill. Watch out for the timer and unlock Scrabble prize chests.
2. <u>Word Drop</u> - New word search game. Used word tiles are replaced with new custom tiles, opening new crossword game possibilities!
3. <u>Tumbler</u> - Like anagrams? Find as many high-scoring words from a rotating set of letters in a limited amount of time.
4. <u>Rush</u> - Beat yourself in this Solo Scrabble mode, set up high-scoring plays on a smaller 11x11 scrabble board.
⭐Play the updated version of the classic word game as a free to play mobile game⭐

Collect Playable Word Tiles
Play Scrabble GO and personalize the classic scrabble experience with custom word tiles! Unlock chests to discover and collect a variety of new tiles! New and limited-edition tiles are added often, so be sure to collect them all!

Scrabble Game Features
➤<u>Scrabble Leagues</u> - Play against other Scrabble friends to achieve top league rankings to get more XP and chests as well as an exclusive League Frame to show off your progress.
➤<u>Practice Mode</u> - Play Scrabble 1-on-1 against the computer. Designed to match your skill level, it’s a great way to test out new strategies and tactics.
➤<u>Boosts</u> - Powerful word game boosts like Hint, Upgrade, Word Spy, and Vortex help take your gameplay to the next level.
➤<u>Track Stats</u> - View your scoring averages, longest words, best plays, and more! See how your word puzzle Scrabble skills are progressing with our in-depth profile page or visit another player’s profile.
➤<u>Level up & Unlock more</u> - Unlock new collectible Scrabble tiles and other features by scoring points in Scrabble games and Duels, or by ranking high on the Arena leaderboards!

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137,806 total
5 95,040
4 18,666
3 7,622
2 4,644
1 11,832

Changelog / What's New

We've made big improvements for new players and Scrabble veterans alike!
- New dictionary! The official NASPA Word List is now available.
- Updated the Start New Game screen to make gameplay selection more clear.
- Improved the layout and organisation of the opponent selection screen.
- Added a new Friends icon in the Home lobby for quick access to Friends, Favourites, and Contacts.
- Additional bug fixes, performance improvements, and optimisations.

Additional Information

  • 1.23.2
  • Android 5.0+
  • Everyone
  • 5,000,000+