IGI Jungle Commando 3D Shooter
IGI Jungle Commando 3D Shooter

IGI Jungle Commando 3D Shooter

IGI Jungle Commando 3D Shooter is best game in the world

IGI Commando Jungle Battle War
IGI COMMANDO WAR 3D 2019 - Free TPS Shooter Battle
IGI jungle commando shooting game
IGI Jungle Commando 3D shooter , the mission of the user is to kill the enemy, and that has attack on your land. As soon as user destroy all the enemies, complete one level and go into the other. In IGI Jungle Commando 3D shooter,you will observe the enemy and the all environment where enemy have attacked, then you will make a perfect decision to attack on the enemy. In IGI Jungle Commando 3D shooter,environment consist of mountain jungle forest with enemies and everything that give an impression of a war. Now, in IGI Jungle Commando 3D shooter, You are the main player of the game, the commando and sniper shooter who is equipped with a number of improved weapons.
With the help of map, you can kill every enemies, because map will provide you location of enemies.
IGI Jungle Commando 3D Shooter having all concept of shooting and action games. Like other action and shooting game, this game has also gun selection properties. when user complete a first mission, he gets number of coins. by using these coins user can purchase a new gun.In IGI Jungle Commando 3D Shooter, first level consist of ten enemy, all these enemy occupy a house. you will kill all these enemies.

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  • 1.0
  • Android 4.1
  • Teen
  • 10
  • 10 - 50