Sleeptot - Baby White Noise
Sleeptot - Baby White Noise

Sleeptot - Baby White Noise

#1 Baby Sleep Sounds App

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Sleeptot, labelled "The Miracle Sleep App" is a "Must Have" for parents. Sleeptot helps your baby calm, relax and gently drift into a deep slumber using soothing sounds.

Babies aren’t used to silence. The womb is extremely loud, with sounds of up to 90 decibels. Think busy city traffic! Sleeptot creates a calming environment that replicates the loud rhythmic tones of the womb, engaging baby's natural calming reflex. Choose from 30+ soothing sounds and relaxing lullabies.

Sleeptot is uniquely designed to help babies as they grow, with sounds specifically categorized to soothe baby at different developmental stages. Bonus: You'll even find sounds to relax parents. Zzzz.. you're welcome! ;p

• Help calm and de-stress your baby at home & on the go
• Help your baby drift asleep within minutes
• Help your baby stay asleep longer
• Save you from passing out from shushing too much during those fussy evening witching hours
• Help keep siblings asleep when your baby wakes
• Help your baby develop healthy sleep patterns
• Help you to relax, recoup and sleep (#parentlife is busy!)

• 6 calming categories (Infants, Newborn, Toddlers, Lullabies, Parents)
• 30+ soothing sounds
• 6 relaxing lullabies
• High quality loops for continuous play
• Heart favorite sounds for quick access using the favorites feature
• Modern, simplistic design to avoid fumbling in the night
• App plays in the background so you can use other apps simultaneously
• Unlimited play duration. Helps baby peacefully sleep for longer
• Custom fade out. Helps baby gently drift off to sleep
• Delayed start time. Helps baby (& you) peacefully sleep in longer / helps siblings stay asleep when baby wakes

Get the BEST sleep for your baby and family! Download Sleeptot today for free!

Zzz.. The team at Sleeptot

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Sleeptot has helped millions of parents worldwide. Give your baby one of the best gifts you can - a good sleep. We’re so proud to release our latest update filled with improvements to help your baby and family get the best sleep!

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