Speed Card Game (Spit Slam)
Speed Card Game (Spit Slam)

Speed Card Game (Spit Slam)

Speed Card game also known as Spit or Slam, play it now :)

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Speed a card game also known as Spit or Slam. Get rid of all of your cards before the computer opponent. The opponent gets faster after each level!

Speed card game is famous in the USA and played by thousands of people.You may play a card in your hand by discarding it in the "Play Pile" if the card is 1 number/value higher or lower it is a match. (e.g. 7 can be played on a 8 or 6, a King can be played on a Ace or Queen)

Speed card game features:

* Infinite Levels
* Smooth, Fast Gameplay
* Getting more souls
* Sound Effects
* High Score
* Attractive Graphics
* Reset Game Feature.
* Large Card Graphics.

Speed card game also knows as Spit or Slam card game. Tap your cards to move them to the center piles if the rank is one higher or lower. Any card can go onto a WILD card. Keep going until you run out of cards.

If you are able to reach level 40+ in Speed Card Game, then you are really palying the game very well.

Enjoy playing Speed Card Game and have fun.
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Changelog / What's New

Initial version of Speed Card Game

Additional Information

  • 2.0
  • Android 4.0+
  • Everyone
  • 500+