Vodafone Yanımda
Vodafone Yanımda

Vodafone Yanımda

Just ask for it and manage your account easily wherever you want!

Google Family Link for parents
Remote Control for All TV
Recover Deleted All Photos, Files And Contacts
Naver Papago Translate
By downloading “Vodafone Yanımda”, you can easily manage your account and keep updated with our special offers without paying any fee*.

Via Vodafone Yanımda you can;

-Check your remaining tariff and package details, get information about your current bill

-Pay your bills or buy credit

-Change your tariff and buy additional packages

-Check your balance and remaining usage by using Vodafone Yanımda Widget any time

-Activate/Deactivate your 4.5G, roaming status, video call service

-Manage multiple GSM numbers. ( you can add or delete GSM numbers from the “Numaralarım” section.

You don’t need to call Vodafone Call Center or go to the nearest Vodafone Shop anymore to do all these transactions.

How can I provide my password?
-Write “S” and send a free text message to 7000.

*Vodafone Yanımda is a free application. You are being charged from your regular tariff when you download the app from the App Store and search the nearest Vodafone Shop on the map by using the 3rd party app.
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