Rise Of Heroes
Rise Of Heroes

Rise Of Heroes

It's time for the heroes to rise against the evil forces!

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The kingdom is under fire. Recruit the bravest heroes, train them to new heights, equip them with weapons and items, lead them to victory and bring peace once again to the kingdom.

Evil orcs are attacking the kingdom. You, as the general need to stand up and push back the frontier. But you cant do it alone. Heroes will come and battle not only for you, but also for the kingdom itself. Progress in the world and continue your journey even on the tournaments

Use your tactical abilities and build your team of heroes with familiar classes, from killers and tankers to healers and supporters, each hero with unique stats and skills. Equip them with the best weapons and items you've got. Attack the forces of evil when you are ready. As you push back the frontier, the difficulty increases, requiring you to use all your resources to fight them. Get the generous rewards after each victory, and use the new found wealth to train your heroes for lots of exp, level them up to increase their stats and finally evolve them, ranking them up and turn them into even stronger heroes.

Manage not only your heroes stats, but also their weapons and items. Give the best weapons to the heroes who need them most. Use the items at the best moments. Some times like the orb even summons heroes. Each hero has their unique skills. Pick the set of heroes that fits your strategy.

Go to the tournaments and see which team has the best heroes. Win rewards and increase your rank on the world leaderboard.

- Play the perfect game for management and strategy lovers
- Choose from a roster of more than 30 heroes, each with unique special skills.
- Build your perfect team of heroes with the unique 4 classes: Healer, supporter, killer and tanker
- Evolve you heroes to 5 advancement tiers
- Build your arsenal with a huge collection of weapons, each with special abilities.
- Strategically use items at the right moment in battle
- Complete challenges and defeat insane bosses in the vast world
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Changelog / What's New

Thank you for play!
We regularly release updates to the game, which include great new features as well as improvements for gameplay experience and balancing.

Additional Information

  • 1.72
  • Android 5.0+
  • Everyone 10+
  • 100000
  • 100,000+